Improve the protection of personal data – Uniris UCO tokens land on 3 exchanges

The Uniris project aims to revolutionize payment and identification methods on the Internet thanks to an ultra-secure single sign-on system. UCO (Uniris Coin) tokens continue to roll out and are now available on three new crypto-exchanges in just a few weeks.

A combination of innovative technologies for secure identification

Founded in 2017 by a French startup, the Uniris project started issuing its UCO tokens on August 6 .

Instead of transmitting credit card data or using passwords, Uniris offers an identification system based both on blockchain and on the venous network of the fingers, specific to each individual.

This biometric authentication method is even more reliable than a simple fingerprint, as it can verify several other physiological parameters (such as heart rate to assess stress ) to avoid any attempt at improper identification.

The decentralized identification technology of Uniris is also considered to be so reliable that it will soon be tested to ensure the management of secure access during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

UCO tokens now on 3 exchange platforms

UCOs will serve as settlement currencies for transactions on the Uniris blockchain. Because beyond its secure authentication system, the network is intended to accommodate other decentralized applications, and develop various smart contracts over time. Moreover, 9% of the 10 billion UCO tokens (which will be issued gradually) will be allocated to the development of new use cases for the Uniris blockchain network.

Just launched since August 6, UCO tokens are already available on three crypto-exchanges, in barely 1 month. Indeed, after being offered on the French exchange platforms and then Zebitex , UCO tokens are now also available on the ProBit crypto-exchange based in South Korea.

A trading competition is also currently offered on ProBit on exchange pairs including UCOs. It takes place from September 1 to 15, with a total of 100,000 UCO to be won .

This project of French origin has all the keys in hand to grow on a global scale. The constant and growing need to secure data is already an excellent use case for the Uniris blockchain, but many other projects could quickly see the light of day.