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4. Januar 2021

You are still in time to change your opinion about bitcoin

Nick Maggiulli is an analyst at ofdollarsanddata.com. He was actually always against bitcoin, but now writes in a flaming argument why he changed his mind. There comes a time in every investor’s journey when they have to admit that they were wrong about something. I was wrong about Bitcoin‘. Bitcoin is no longer a joke […]

16. November 2020

CBDC – The digital odyssey of central banks

Central banks around the world are faced with a crucial, perhaps fateful, question: Where does the future of Bitcoin Revival lie? If one believes observers, the answer is long known. Some see the monetary authorities long since replaced by crypto currencies. So these days more and more monetary watchdogs are embarking on a journey into […]

11. November 2020

Venezuela breaks again record of traded bolivars in LocalBitcoins

In the midst of Venezuela’s hyperinflationary economy, the record is broken again. With more than two trillion six hundred thousand million Bolivars, the week between October 31st and November 8th, a record was broken again in the amount of Bolivars stranded within the P2P platform in Venezuela, according to the data provided by Coin.dance. The […]

2. November 2020

Bitcoin pozostaje w trendzie wzrostowym, altcoiny wykazują pozytywne oznaki

Cena bitcoina utrzymywała się w hossy powyżej 13,500 USD i 13650 USD. Ethereum odbił się powyżej 395 USD i przetestował 400 USD, XRP walczy o pokonanie oporu 0,242 USD. OCEAN i AAVE wzrosły o ponad 10% Po krótkoterminowej korekcie w dół cena bitcoinów odzyskała siłę powyżej oporu 13,500 USD. BTC jest obecnie (05:00 UTC) notowany […]

25. Oktober 2020

Research: PayPal may want to dominate the crypto world

A report by Bloomberg seems to indicate that PayPal’s intentions in the crypto world go far beyond what we thought. Yesterday Bloomberg published a note that alarmed and perhaps impressed others where he notes that PayPal may be in talks to buy up crypto businesses. They want the crypto domain From our outsider’s perspective, it […]

3. Oktober 2020

Folia rynkowa: Bitcoin Rebounds to $10.5K; Stablecoin Market Cap „Goes Parabolic

Bitcoin ma dobre wyniki w obliczu ponurego cyklu wiadomości, podczas gdy aktywa stabilcoin w ekosystemie kryptońskim nadal rosną. Bitcoin (BTC) handluje około 10.515 dolarów od 20:00 UTC (16:00 ET). Spadek o 0,44% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin. Przedział 24-godzinny Bitcoin’a: 10,362$10,667$. BTC powyżej 10-dniowej średniej kroczącej, ale poniżej 50-dniowej, boczny sygnał dla techników rynkowych. „To […]

16. September 2020

Andere bedrijven zullen volgen – MSTR-aandelen stijgen met 9% na de aankoop van Bitcoin.

De aandelenkoers van MicroStrategy is opnieuw gestegen na de aankondiging dat het bedrijf tot nu toe in totaal $425 miljoen aan Bitcoin heeft gekocht, maar zullen andere bedrijven in hun voetsporen treden? Het op de Nasdaq-website genoteerde bedrijf MicroStrategy (MSTR) blijft honderden miljoenen dollars aan Bitcoin (BTC) kopen, wat resulteert in een stijging van de […]

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